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April 9, 2018

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$100 Prize via PayPal

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April 9, 2018

11:59 p.m. (CST)


April 15, 2018

11:59 p.m. (CST)

Contest Information and Guidelines

Nowhere.Ink's Weekly $100 Writing Contest


$2 Entry Fee


Poetry, Prose, or Flash Fiction

500 Words or Less

Multiple Entries Allowed



What are the prizes?

1. The winning participant will receive a $100 prize (USD) via PayPal.  


2.  The winning author will have their piece showcased in Nowhere.Ink’s “Featured Ink.” 


Included: all links to your author pages, social media profiles, websites, blogs, published work, whatever else you would like to market, as well as a bio and headshot.  *This is an optional prize. 


Visit "Featured Ink" here


3.  Winners will also receive a FREE first copy of Nowhere.Ink’s upcoming quarterly magazine, The Literary Hack.


If we feel your winning piece may suit The Literary Hack, we will contact you further regarding publication.



What should I enter?

Entries must be poetry, prose, or flash fiction that is no longer than 500 words in length and fit the weekly theme above.  

You may enter any genre.  We will not discriminate for content (i.e., language, graphic material, etc.).  We love a bit of juice to sink our peepers into.

Submit original, unpublished work only.  Any previously published or plagiarized work will be immediately disqualified.



Do you take international submissions?

Yes.  However, all entries must be submitted in English



Where do the proceeds go? 

Nowhere.Ink’s Facebook group offers our members free constructive criticism.  Each week we host Short Story Saturday, during which members submit short stories or, novel excerpts and receive professional feedback.

The qualified critics who comb over these pieces work voluntarily.  Nowhere.Ink has no sponsor or donating party, so this is our way of giving back to the critics who support us, while also benefiting the writing community (you).  Your $2 submission fee is used to fund this resource.

If you would like to participate in Short Story Saturday, you may join our group here!


If you would like constructive criticism but do not want to join our Nowhere.Ink Writing Community, please inquire here.



How do I submit?

There is an entry form at the bottom of this page.  Please complete all required fields.

You may submit by uploading attachments of each separate entry, pasting a link to Google DOCS for each entry, or typing/pasting each entry into provided character fields.



Are multiple entries allowed?

Yes.  You may submit up to five entries in one form.   



Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

At this time, we are unable to refund.  Please be absolutely certain that you want to submit to this contest before completing your entry.


When will the winner be announced?

Our judges work through the week.  You will know if your entry won within 48 hours of the contest completion.  Please make sure to leave us a valid e-mail by which to contact you regarding winning information.  You may also include a phone number (optional) at the bottom of the body of your story.



For any further inquiries, contact Nowhere.Ink here.


Additional Information below.


Additional Information

Prize will be awarded within 24 hours of the winning entry’s announcement.


You retain all rights to your work.  


If you plan to use your submission elsewhere, please opt out of “Featured Ink” in the form below.  If you choose to submit your winning entry after it has been showcased, contact us for removal from the “Featured Ink” library.  


Title, author name, email, phone number, etc., will not be included in your word count.  There is a grace of 30 words, but we ask that you try not to exceed 500. Any submissions over 530 words will be disqualified.

Each participant may submit up to five entries per contest.


Participants may enter each week; however, if an individual wins three times within a yearly period, he/she will be ineligible for entry until the following January.  

Any entries made without proper payment will be disqualified.  If a contestant selects “one entry” but submits five, we will only use the first entry in the form.  This applies to all other entry quantities, working from the first submission to the last.

At this time, we are unable to refund.  Please be absolutely certain that you want to submit to this contest before completing your entry.

If you are in hardship or need to speak to someone regarding the entries you paid for, you may contact us

Winning entries

Your Bird

April 18, 2018

Best Kept Secrets

April 11, 2018

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