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Miles Nowhere is the mere construct of a conceptual reality.  He is an award-winning poet, a short-story author, and a limerick connoisseur. 


Miles is, unironically, a wanderer of sorts, traveling abroad, intent on seeking nowhere to land.


"Let's not do it and say we did." - Miles Nowhere

Amanda Cary is an author of short stories, poetry, and currently in the throes of polishing her debut novel, "Born in Dyad."


Under her belt, she carries multiple awards for her poetic endeavors and short fiction collection. 

She is a mother, wife, gypsy, and musician. 

Author JD Hyde is a Texan connoisseur of horror and a master of the creeps.  At times, he chews through the straps just long enough to write us a story.  


Mr. Hyde has been published in various online journals and anthologies. Of a brilliant note are his short stories "Toff," "Coffee with Kait," "Mickey and the Z-Girls," as well as his collection "The Wordsmith Series."

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