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Author JD Hyde is a Texan connoisseur of horror and a master of the creeps.  At times, he chews through the straps just long enough to write us a story.  


Mr. Hyde has been published in various online journals and anthologies. Of a brilliant note are his short stories "Toff," "Coffee with Kait,""Mickey and the Z-Girls," as well as his collection "The Wordsmith Series."

Beatrix found her butterflies for the first time when she was a girl, nearly a woman, helping her mother cut meat for dinner.  Her face flushed with the flutters below her skirt, and she almost sliced her thumb as she bit her lip...

Beatrix's Butterflies


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It was my sixteenth Texas summer, and I had saved enough money to buy a beat-up four-door Ford. I did what all boys do with their first car; I drove for hours going nowhere, dreaming that I could drive away from the Texas heat forever. To a place without alcoholic fathers and... 

The Drive