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If you are interested in showcasing your literary art on Nowhere.Ink's "Featured Ink," please contact us via this submission form.  You may paste your work directly into the message area or link to your Google document.  Please read the submission information below.


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Submission information

Nowhere.Ink is not a publishing company.  You retain all rights to your work, as well as the right to have it removed from "Featured Ink" at any time.  Nowhere.Ink accepts no liability for your work.  We ask, for your own benefit, that you contact us if your submission is accepted elsewhere or you have entered your piece into any contest that does not allow online publication.  Although we are not a publishing company, we do not want to hinder your success in any way.  We will not leave a piece on our site if you need it removed.

Our mission here is to feature work and artists we appreciate in order to help spread your name and voice throughout various writing communities.  We've built this whole website centered around writing, so why not?  We are happy to have a page dedicated to fellow wordsmiths.  



You may submit your work by pasting it directly into the message box below or sending a Google Docs link. 


If you have any questions regarding how to do so, please use the message box to inquire. 


We ask that any work consisting of 8000 words or more be sent via Google Doc link.


Nowhere.Ink admin will edit your stories for grammar and punctuation, and we generally add graphics to each posting.  We will not change the format, wording, or any other aspect of your art.  If there are any issues with your piece that we would like to address outside of grammar or punctuation, we will contact you directly to discuss necessary changes.


Poetry will not be edited or changed in any way.  Only graphics will be added.  If you are sending poetry or prose, please be certain that it is in its finest form and ready for posting.


If you are interested in having your piece critiqued constructively before submitting, including stories, poetry, or prose, please join our Facebook group (linked above).  We have days of the week dedicated to this cause, along with a team of trusted and fair individuals who will give you feedback.


Please include the name you wish to be featured under, as well as any pertinent social media links that we may tag you with.  This is how we operate!  We will share your work with our following and yours, helping you to build your marketing platform. You are also helping us by giving us quality writing to share.  So thank you!

Content is important, but the genre is not.  We appreciate work from every shelf.  Your piece will never be turned away due to its genre.  

That's all folks!  Submit away!  We will get back to you within seven days.  If you enjoy posting for Nowhere.Ink and we feel you are a good fit, we have spots open for regular contributors.  

Thank you so much for your interest in our little corner of the literary world!  We are excited to hear from you.  


The Nowhere.Ink Team

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Submissions accepted for "Featured Ink" are unpaid at this time.  This will change in the future, but currently, compensation will come in the form of sharing, editing, graphics, and advertising.  You can help our cause by following our profiles, joining our group, and sharing our information and your featured pieces with your friends.  We will spread your work by means of social media and Featured Ink.